Corporate / GP referrals


Meditation has proven to be beneficial to the workplace, increasing creativity and focus, while reducing stress and enhancing ones overall mood.  The courses are a positive team building experience, strengthening the professional relationships of your staff. Below is a brief outline of the 2 courses currently on offer, these can be tailored to meet the needs of your company.

The sessions can either take place at a suitable location of your choice or within the workplace. 

They are designed for a group of approximately 10 to 20 employees. They run for 1 hour on an allocated day and time of the week over a six week period. Alternatively a one off longer session can be arranged.

Introduction to Meditation 6-week Course - POA.

This course is specifically designed and suitable for all levels of experience regarding meditation. From the complete novice with a curious willingness to discover the natural benefits practicing can provide, to the advanced practitioner who may wish to continue with simple techniques amongst a friendly group environment. Over the course of six weeks, several types and techniques of meditation will be introduced to serve as a taster, the methods will demonstrate, anchoring awareness into the present moment, immediately experiencing an alleviation of unnecessary external and more importantly internal noise and distraction. 

Expanding Awareness 6-week Course - POA.

This course is constructed as a natural progression from the introductory methods. Meditation is a vast infinite subject that can be studied, discussed and deliberated however paradoxically this tends to create an atmosphere of just more talk and thinking. Therefore; during these six weeks you will learn how to deepen the practice with gentle guidance, gaining first-hand experience of spontaneous insights into the nature of your own being. Although all employees are welcome to enrol on this course, it would be prudent and advisory if never previously practiced meditation to join the introductory course, to enable yourself with a grounded foundation of breathing techniques to settle the mind.

GP Referrals

With the current strain the NHS is constantly under, government incentives are encouraging alternative therapies and holistic approaches to not only save money but also allowing a patient to perhaps lessen certain conditions such as stress and anxiety without the use of prescription drugs. Stress causing minor bacterial viruses due to weakened immune system and resorting to antibiotics is also another challenge that can be overcome.


There are two options a patient could be referred by, which can be reviewed to suit your practices requirements. 


Option 1: A one to one, 1-hour session.

(if this is the patient’s preference).

Option 2: A group 1-hour session.

(maximum of 6 patients).

Both options will be run as a 6-week block, enabling the patient/s to learn the fundamental techniques of meditation, which can be used as an effective tool to combat the effects of stress or anxiety related conditions.

Obviously, all referrals will be measured by the suitability of each patient and the professional opinion of the GP as to whether meditation could be of benefit.

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