vincent de freitas (Dipbsom)


The Meditation Man

The Meditation Man

The Meditation Man

  Vincent’s career began as a Fire Officer in the London Fire Brigade lasting 15 years, attending incidences such as the 7/7 bombings at Kings Cross. Additionally, Vincent has a vast experience and background in Fitness and Nutrition which both complement his teaching of meditation. Vincent as well as being a father of four is a keen musician playing instruments that include Piano, Guitar and Harmonica which he teaches in his spare time.Vincent has been practicing meditation for twenty years due to his avid interest in Eastern Philosophies. Now wanting to share his knowledge he has successfully attained a 'distinction' in his Diploma with the British School of Meditation allowing him to teach in an official capacity. The ‘BSOM’ is recognised by Ascentis as an accredited provider of meditation teacher training. The Diploma is also recognised by OFQUAL the government agency regulating national qualifications.

Vincent is currently a member of the British School of Meditation teacher register and Mindfulness Teachers Register. Please click on the logos below for more information.


The Journey...

The Meditation Man

The Meditation Man

 ‘I have always been from an early age attracted and fascinated  by the thought that we are so much more than just the sum of our physical and psychological parts as human beings. My curiosity and thirst for knowledge in this subject naturally pulled me in the direction of studying many books and texts on the teachings of predominantly eastern philosophies, religious and western takes on spirituality strongly influenced by my mother and grandfather. This curiosity inspired me into visiting India and China, including the city and significant religious centre of Varanasi. Over a period of 25 years having built myself this foundation,  I was blessed and fortunate enough to meet a man whilst employed by  the London Fire brigade who had noticed my keen interest in this area.  I soon discovered and now realise in this serendipitous event 'John'  was to be my guru introducing me to many authors, teachers and sages such as the exponents of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality),  Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj revealing  the path of self-inquiry or the 

'pathless path'. 



The Meditation Man


 The forms I initially learned and practiced were from the Advaita Vedanta (not two but one) and Zen Buddhist traditions using various 

or sometimes no focal points of attention, both ultimately bringing me into more awareness of my emotions, concepts and thought processes. My personality type is persistent and determined, never avoiding a challenge which has its strengths but equally its drawbacks too.  By allowing the regular practice of meditation into my heart my traits have really assisted me to maintain the habit, likewise meditation has truly opened 

an entire universe for me resting in a new way of being, providing an unfiltered way of seeing life in its purest form. I completely regard meditation as responsible for changing my life wholeheartedly and unreservedly. There is not a moment I do not now consider any eventuality with a full awareness perspective as replacement for limited tunnel vision, rendering me the skilful means to deal with any situation. It truly has and will continue to deliver me peace of mind, balance and contentment. 

I endeavour to pass on my experience and teachings to my 

4 beautiful adopted children.’ 

Qualified with the 'British School of Meditation' with distinction.


Regulated by Ofqual and Ascentis

  Meditation teacher certification with BSoM not only gives you validation from a nationally recognised organisation but the added quality assurance that the certificate has been awarded Ofqual recognition. Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) is the government body regulating all exams and  

Our accreditation covers all of Europe not just the UK