My daughter attended the 5 week meditation for teenagers course and we were both open minded about the sessions. I was also invited to join in and we both found Vincent to be a wonderful teacher. He is very down to earth and welcoming and my daughter and I felt very safe and contained in sessions due to Vincent’s calm nature, kindness and knowledge. My daughter found it eye opening and it helped her understand ways to switch off and ground herself. We have learnt new ways to relax and switch off and will carry on meditating. Thanks Vincent 🙏🏼 

Emma (parent, teenage meditation course).

Thank you for a very enjoyable and interesting course. For a long time I have wanted to join a group meditation, so when the sportspark offered your course I was very happy to take part. I felt the course was well structured with the walking meditation at the end which I particularly liked. 

Diane (meditation student, 6-week course).

I decided to try a meditation class as I had found using a mindfulness app surprisingly helpful for falling asleep. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the class is suitable for beginners and Vincent is welcoming and approachable. There is nothing you “have” to do and you can partake to whatever level you feel comfortable. 

The sessions themselves are a moment of solace in a busy week but the calm feeling I’m left with afterwards is an unexpected bonus. The things I’m learning are helping me view stressful situations differently and I would recommend anyone who feels something needs to change but aren’t sure what, to give it a try.

Rowan (meditation student).

The class has been excellent and it made me realise the huge difference in having a guide/classes as opposed to using meditation apps.  It was also a very useful way to explore the different techniques used in meditation, and to work out the ones that really worked for me.  I was also happily surprised to find that I could find new levels of meditation and I believe that your class helped me achieve this.  Thank you Vincent!

Paula (meditation student, 6-week course).

I really enjoyed the course and knew before the end that I’d like to sign up for the next level course (which I have done!).

Interestingly, I went back to try Headspace again this week (after not using it at all while doing the course) and was surprised that it annoyed me to have someone talking to me all the time. I’d got very used to your method of guidance at the beginning of the meditation and then silence and music until the bells at the end. I felt that I could really notice a difference in myself and my grasp of meditation practices from the beginning to the end of the course.

I would thoroughly recommend your course to anyone starting out with meditation. You get the balance right between the serious practice and everyone feeling a bit weird doing it for the first time.

Thank you very much for a brilliant course. Very inspiring and though-provoking.

Rachel (meditation student, 6-week course).

My idea when starting your weekly class was it would be my birth preparation!  I know you do not advertise this as a service for people choosing hypnobirthing as an alternative way of helping them.... but this felt right for some reason.

I feel this time I need to tune in and be led by my spirit and soul as to what is best for me and my baby.  I feel that meditation will be my key to helping me through birthing my baby and empowering myself and getting in tune with where and how I need to be etc.  It also feels like it is something which will take me beyond the birth and into a whole new way of relating to everything especially myself......if indeed I exist!? 😉

I have attended Yoga and Yoga Nidra classes before and have done guided meditation sporadically online.  Nothing has ever stuck before or brought such meaning.  I had no expectations of your class. I have been blown away by how the 1hr a week classes have impacted my life.  I have used the classes as inspiration to do at least 5 mins a day meditation, which might not seem much, but the 5 mins is on days when my mind wants me to do none! On other days I do 30 mins or somewhere in between.  I home educate my children, I am training to be a reflexologist and I am also doing cleaning work so my life is quite busy, but the meditation time opens up more time in the day somehow and allows me to feel more harmonious for all of it.  I am sure most people think of meditation as something you can just do by yourself at home and maybe some see no point in classes, but it really has made a difference to me, and I know I would have not found the time or energy or ways of looking at things or sources of inspiration that you bring to each class.  Each class feels exciting and new and so thoughtfully planned there seems to be so much passion for meditation squeezed into the words and between them in the meditations that you cannot help but feeling excited about all the benefits and possibilities of a regular meditation practice.  It is lovely how we do guided meditations tailored to our individual levels and how we can share our experiences afterwards with each other.  Meditation can feel quite isolating if done at home alone and being able to share with the group if we wish to really supports the experience and makes it unique.

Alice (meditation student).

Thank you for the course, I found it very insightful. I particularly liked the walking meditation and have already used it. I also liked the counting meditation but haven't yet mastered the art of not falling asleep whilst doing it!
Denise (meditation student, 6-week course).

45 years of never taking time out for myself had me searching for ways to calm my inner world. Life is hectic. Vincent beginner’s meditation class popped up on my Facebook with perfect timing. Without hesitation I made contact. I had a few questions. Vincent response was instant and there and then I agreed to find time for myself.  Each session I arrive excited for the calmness I feel upon leaving.  The sessions have slight changes, yet the process talks us through what we need to do and without fail, in just a matter of minutes the peace calm and tranquillity I feel is amazing. I then have an hr of complete relaxation and leave with a clear mind.  We have a challenging environment around our classroom at times and I now feel a great sense of achievement knowing outer noise does not mean I take this inwards.  I would attend more than 1 class a week if time allowed. Highly recommended. Its great value with flexibility on attendance when life gets in the way.   
Donna (meditation student).  

'I am thoroughly enjoying the weekly meditation sessions with Vincent - he makes each one enjoyable, informative and is totally reassuring that no one is getting it wrong!!! Each week he guides us through different meditations - i am learning the importance of creating mental space in my life. I would recommend coming along and trying one of Vincent’s sessions... they really are accessible to everyone.'

Linda (meditation student).

'Really enjoying every session being different plus discovering that I can get real peace, relaxation and utterly chilled!  I always come away feeling more positive and determined to carry that good feeling into my week😊'

Emma (meditation student).

'I have attended Vincent's classes for the last 4 weeks and already I have noticed a big improvement in my anxiety and unexpectedly, my confidence too.
The class itself is small and welcoming and Vincent teaches in a lovely, compassionate, down to earth and easy to understand way. The classes are so good and I also enjoy taking snippets away from class each and every week and using this to help in my everyday life.
I feel that everyone would massively benefit from going along and at only £5/£6 per class - the cost of a coffee and cake - it's good value too!!'
Naomi (meditation student).

 'I highly recommend the meditation sessions with Vincent. He is an experienced very personable teacher, and obviously passionate about it. Vincent keeps it interesting and engaging throughout

with mixed guided meditation and discussion which I find really helpful. I also like that we cover different topics and emotions every week. I always leave each session feeling relaxed and less frenetic.

For many years I have suffered with acute insomnia and related stress. I have only been doing the meditation class for a few weeks but the benefits have been almost immediate, straight away I felt calm and stress draining away. It has already taught me some useful tools to use at times when I am unable to sleep. 

I felt comfortable in the group and I really like the relaxed atmosphere and how everyone is encouraged to share. I am learning to be more compassionate to myself.'

Tracy (meditation student).

'I’ve only been to 2 of Vincent’s / Meditation Man’s classes but I can already see the benefits meditation  will bring to my life under his careful guidance. 

I have very much enjoyed & benefited from both classes. Vincent is a approachable, friendly, knowledgeable & I find he has a lovely calming presence. 

After his classes I have left feeling lighter in spirit & with a sense of serenity that stays with me for the rest of the day.

I intend to go to as many classes as my work schedule allows.'

Thank you, Ros (meditation student).

'Love the meditation classes... Vincent is an excellent teacher and so approachable. It helps me to relax after a stressful day at work.'
Kathryn (meditation student).

'Vincent has a wonderful way of making meditation accessible for all.  His knowledge and approach gives me the confidence I need to continue my practice at home. I really enjoy the sessions, having the time to myself every week is a real treat.'

Beverly (meditation student).

'I am a beginner to meditation and this class is an excellent step by step lesson in meditation.  It is an excellent way to devote an hour of time to yourself.  I thoroughly recommend it.'
Lucy (meditation student).


'I thought the class was great & what a calm, encouraging and generous teacher Vincent is.'

Thank you, Jo (meditation student).

'A safe nonjudgemental place to explore meditation. Vincent has a great deal of knowledge and experience and teaches in a way that draws upon this rather than lecturing. The group are guided through 2 new meditation techniques each week and Vincent’s warm and welcoming nature make it easy to relax in the sessions.  I find the meditation classes insightful and really beneficial. Not only do I leave with a deep sense of relaxation and calm but also feel I am getting better at staying gently focused on the present moment - this is building up my meditation stamina but is also helping me deal with life’s little challenges in a more conscious way rather than ‘reacting’ all the time.'
Sarah (meditation student).

'I’ve been attending weekly beginner meditation classes each Friday at Poringland Community Centre, run by The Meditation Man, Vincent de Freitas. Initially, I was somewhat sceptical, but I was curious and wanted to find out more about meditation, what I could learn from Vincent de Freitas and then make my own judgement without any influence or prejudices from my family and close friends. 

I’m delighted to say that my concerns were unfounded and after several sessions, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience, which Vincent has presented in a professional manner at all times. Each week has been different and during the hourly classes, the group has had the benefit of two different practices, which has certainly been an eye-opener for me. Vincent’s teaching is very positive and he is generous with his knowledge and the experience that he has gained over 25 years. 

We have the option to either sit on a chair, or on a cushion/mat on the floor, depending on your individual preference. The participants are of all ages, both male and female, couples and individuals, working or retired. Some of the group have serious aches and pains, others insomnia or stress, while a few would just like to maintain a healthy sense of wellbeing, thereby proving that meditation can be for anyone. Based on what I’ve seen, heard and done in the last 2 months, I can recommend Vincent de Freitas without hesitation.'

Yours sincerely, Rod (meditation student).